Le Contes de Fées Quizlet

1. Click on flashcards. Listen to each word or phrase in French, and repeat it back outloud. (no one will hear you because everyone has headphones in!) Do this 3 times for each word (click on each flashcard 3X and repeat it outloud 3x)
2. Do this for each flashcard
3. Play a couple of games a couple of times (gravity, match)
4. Click on learn and do the practice until your progress meter is 100%
5. Go to this link and watch a video on French. French Fairy Tales

eginning of year - greetings, basic questions, etc.





Festival du Voyageur

La famille

Pauvre Alphonse

PowerPoint exercises


Games and activities

Resources - online dictionaries, verb conjugator, etc.

French music

French club jeopardy game