Patterning activities / practice

Outcome one: Demonstrates an understanding of the relationship within the tables of values to solve problems. (Generates values in one column of a table, values in the other column and a pattern rule)
Function machines - input/output machines

Outcome two: Shows and describes patterns and relationships using graphs and tables. (Translates a pattern to a table of values and then graphs the table of values)
Looking at patterns and figures and creating function tables

Outcome three: Uses letter variables to show number relationships. (pre-algebra) (click on food)

Writing variable equations/expressions
Solving variable equations - GREAT video! Video

Outcome four: Demonstrates and explains the meaning of preservation of equality (balancing equations - what you to do one side you have to do to the other)

Outcome five: Identify the plot points in the first quadrant of a Cartesian place using whole-number ordered pairs. (basically the opposite of outcomes two... you need to read the graph, and identify the plots)

Graph Mole.
Do the introduction first, then the game.
When you've mastered the easy version, go on the medium one.
Graph Mole

After you have mastered graph mole, go onto Planet Hop - start at level one and move your way up.
Planet Hop

Here is Funbrain's coordinate game - again start at level one and move your way up.
Funbrain's coordinate graphing game