Flashback Friday

1. Fractions Review
Practice all four. When you are ready, come see Mrs. B for an assessment.
math playground
Sheppard Software
Sheppard Software Mathman
Ice Cream Shop

2. Integers Review
Practice all three. When you are ready, come see Mrs. B for an assessment.
Sheppard Software Mathman
Sheppard Software Ordering
Math Playground Number Climb

3. Flashforward... Start practicing what is coming next!
Sheppard Software Make 24
Sheppard Software Make X
Math Playground Algebra puzzles
Math Playground Sweet Shop
Solve Me math mobiles
Graph Mole
Fun Brain What's the point
Math Playgound Spaceboy
Ordered Pairs


Front end multiplication game


Multiplication Practice
A deck of cards, where children flip over two cards and multiply them together is another great activity. Kids can even do this in the car on the way to somewhere!
speed test
all multiplication
100 math speed test
mixed computation speed drill addition range 1-10 multiplcation range 2-12

Video on Multiplication tables ( a MUST know for doing prime / composite numbers and factors!)
Times tables
Times table practice
multiplication practise
Math Trainer multiplication game
math mountain multiplication
bingo game

Video on Divisibility Rules ( a MUST know for doing prime / composite numbers and factors!)
Divisibility Rules
Divisibility rules game
Divisbility rules and exercises

Prime and Composite numbers
Prime / composite game
the rules for p and c
King Kong prime number game
prime and composite practice time
more p and c practice

Factors / factorization
Video on finding factors

Identifying factors
Greatest Common Factor

Video on factor trees (prime factorization)
Prime Factorization video
Factor trees
Prime Factorization

Number theory (divisibility rules, prime/composite numbers, factors, greatest common factors) jeopardy game.
Jeopardy game

Place Value - whole numbers
place value - learning the place names
place value drag and drop
place value - matching game
Mystery numbers

place value - expanded form
expanded form hangman

place value - reading and writing into words

comparing numbers
two games - comparing and ordering numbers

rounding numbers - funbrain


naming decimals
Ordering decimals
lots of decimal activities

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication of decimals
Hey guys - I hope you are here to practice your multiplication of decimals over your loooooooooong weekend! Remember the 4 steps:
1. Estimate your answer
2. Multiply normally - ignore the decimal point.
3. Insert the decimal point in your product. Count the number of decimal digits (numbers behind the decimal point) in your question. That is the number of decimal digits you have to have in your product (answer).
4. Does your answer make sense? Check it against your estimate.

Here is a short video to review it. It does the steps in a slightly different order than how I do it, but still worth watching.
Multiplying decimals video

Some online practice
interactive practice
guided practice
multiplying decimals review and practice
multiplying decimals game
multiplying decimals game - medium

If you have a printer at home, you can print these off to practice with.
printable worksheet
printable worksheet #2

Dividing decimals *you only have to know how to divide a decimal by a whole number*

Videos reviewing long division
long division video
long division video 2

Interactive long division practice - with printables

Video on dividing decimals
dividing decimals "animations" (video)

Some online practice
dividing decimals review and practice
dividing decimals game

Printable worksheets
printable one
printable two


Basic Fractions game
Ordering Fractions
Ordering Fractions2
Comparing Fractions2
Fractions (easy)
Fractions (harder)
Equivalent Fractions
Equivalent Fractions on a numberline
Matching Fractions


Decimal / fraction / percent video (watch this first!)

Then go through the notebook lesson below (the first one)

How to convert decimal-fraction-percent

decimal fraction matching games
fraction percent matching game
matching game
Decimal, fraction, percent

Ratio video - what is ratio
Identifying ratio

Ratio lesson
Interactive ratio lesson

Ratio Word Problems
Solving ratio word problems video
Representing ratios Play intro first to learn how to do it, then practice!
Ratio word problems

Equivalent ratio practice
equivalent ratio video
matching equivalent ratios game

Take the ratio quizzes: start with level A, then do level B and then level C
ratio quizzes


multiples frenzy
Pumpkin multiples

Least common Multiple videoLeast common multiple

GCF and LCM word problems

Order of operations
order of opearations video
order of ops explanations, examples and practice
order of ops game
order of ops interactive practice
order of ops game/ practice
order of ops speed game