Welcome to Room 100's Wiki!
Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!


Frequently asked questions:
Q: What is a wiki and what can I find here?
A: A wiki is a website that I have created to assist students and parents of room 100. Here you will find copies of assignments, rubrics and test outlines. There are also links to different learning and activity sites, videos and games. Students will also have the opportunity to create and maintain their own wiki-portfolio to showcase their learning over the year, and these student wikis are also linked here.
Q: Do I need to join the wiki in order to use it?
A: No, the settings are set so that anyone can view the pages on the wiki, but only I can edit them.
Q: We have dial up / limited Internet access. Does my child have to do the activities on the wiki?
A: No, not at all. I use the wiki in class, and will set up lessons on the wiki for students to use in the computer lab, but students do not have to use the wiki.

Some important links:

Room 100 homework page